"Live At The RMA-March 27, 2004" DVD- Autographed

"Live At The RMA-March 27, 2004" DVD- Autographed

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$5 of every autographed item donated to charity.

All autographed items will be hand signed by Ron Thal.
Bumblefoot "Live At the RMA - March 27, 2004" DVD / Dec 2004

DVD is of a clinic/performance at the Raleigh Music Academy (Raleigh, NC)

Not an instructional DVD - casual feel, some jamming, Q&A, jokin' around, etc...
Songs include Don Pardo Pimpwagon, Vomit, What I Knew, Guitars Suck, Raygun, Fly In the Batter, T-Jonez.
Two stationary cameras, no close-ups, a glorified bootleg for serious collectors.

Some foul language. Approximate running time 51 minutes.
DVD is *region-free* NTSC.
"Bumblefoot Digital Releases sold separately at Bumblefoot.com"