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On his stunning new album “Lost Dialect”, Eric Hilton speaks the 12-bit vernacular of trip-hop, a genre he helped birth as a co-founder of the legendary downtempo electronic music act Thievery Corporation. Across ten expansive tracks, the artist/producer uses old-school skills to craft new school chill. The old ways remain strong. Speak the "Lost Dialect”, Eric Hilton’s evolution of trip-hop, out July 1st on Montserrat House Music.


Receive  three digital instant gratification tracks

“Lost Dialect” Release Date:                     April 29th 2022          

“Flowering Soul” Release Date:               May 20th 2022          

“Earth Ship” Release Date:                       June 10th 2022



  1. Lost Dialect
  2. Spiral Aura
  3. Ra>
  4. A Joyous Revolution
  5. Nishati
  6. Flowering Soul
  7. Odysseus
  8. Earth Ship
  9. Arteries
  10. Libra