1995 "The Adventures of Bumblefoot" CD Autographed

1995 "The Adventures of Bumblefoot" CD Autographed

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$5 of every autographed item donated to charity.

All autographed items will be hand signed by Ron Thal.

August 2010

'The Adventures of Bumblefoot' is my first album, an instrumental guitar album originally released May 1995 on Shrapnel Records in the US, Roadrunner Records in Europe & Japan. It was pretty well received at the time, good reviews, charted on reader's polls in magazines. The album's since been out of print for the last dozen years, and it seemed like the only way to get it was on eBay, where I've seen them sell for as much as $600.  Fifteen years later, Shrapnel re-released the album, with bonus tracks making it a total of 19 songs.

  1. Bumblefoot
  2. Orf
  3. Scrapie
  4. Blue Tongue
  5. Limberneck
  6. Q Fever
  7. Strawberry Footrot
  8. Ick
  9. Malignant Carbuncle
  10. Rinderpest
  11. Strangles
  12. Fistulous Withers           
  13. Poem (Extras)
  14. Shell On the Sand (extra track)
  15. *Pirate Level 2 (extra track)
  16. *Mythology Level 2 (extra track)
  17. *Sci-Fi Level 3 (extra track)
  18. *Cemetery Level 2 (extra track)
  19. *Cemetery Level 1 (extra track)